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How To Be Happy

A PROMINENT MEDICAL professor claims that the reason why there is so much unhappiness in the modern world is that we have confused happiness with pleasure.* We have persuaded ourselves that when we buy products and experiences that give us pleasure, they will make us happy.

Believing God

IT IS HEART-RENDING when a couple cannot have a baby. And the older couples get, the harder it becomes. Desperate would-be parents go to all sorts of lengths to try to conceive. In some cases worried friends fear that they are trusting in the impossible: hoping against hope.


THIS LETTER was written to the believers in Ephesus, a prosperous cosmopolitan city in what is now Turkey. It was home to the temple of the Greek goddess Artemis (whom the Romans knew as Diana). The account of the Apostle Paul’s visit to Ephesus and his encounter with Artemis’s worshippers is in Acts 19.

The Tabernacle

AFTER THE INCIDENT of the golden calf the people of Israel were deeply repentant. When Moses, their aged leader, toiled to the top of Mount Sinai to beg the Lord to forgive their great sin, He graciously agreed (Exodus 32:14). But He sent Moses down with a task for the people which would test their sincerity.

What Are Angels?

WE HEAR LITTLE about angels in our unbelieving age. But although we hear little and see nothing of them today, they are real and there is actually a lot of information about them if we know where to look—that is, of course, in the Bible.


I CAN’T REMEMBER where Sylvester came from except that it was somewhere in the north of Kenya. This I do know, he’d had a long and arduous journey: setting out very early in the morning, mostly on foot with a stretch on the back of a pickup truck. At last he reached the small village where the Bible School was to be held.

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“The Jewish Sabbath was Saturday. So why do Christians say the Sabbath is Sunday?”