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“Can you give modern equivalents of the weights and measures we come across in the Bible?“ Ed: THE ACTION of the Bible spans 4,000 years and many different civilisations. It contains many references to weights and measures. Sometimes units of measurement might vary between different cultures and different periods in history, and to add confusion there were sometimes ‘royal’ measures and ‘common’ measures which were different. Here’s a selection of weights and measures with equivalents about which we can be fairly certain: An omer is around 2 litres. An omer of manna was enough to feed someone for a day (Exodus 16:16). An ephah is 10 omers, that is around 22 litres. So when Ruth gleaned in Boaz’s barley field and he told his reapers to leave a bit extra for her, she went home laden with 10 days’ worth of food (Ruth 2:17). A cubit is based on the